Saturday, 18 June 2011


Three months later, and I'm pleased to report that Limbo has actually done some sailing; but not nearly enough!

The season started with two day trips, both in the sun, the second in a perfect force 4 to 5 reach across the Solent and back. A week off early this month gave the chance for a slightly longer trip. Delayed by a bank holiday weekend of decidedly unpleasant weather, we got away to the Beaulieu River on the Tuesday afternoon. We were quite happy to stay on the boat and just sit and enjoy the sun (there's something about being afloat which seems conducive to just sitting – that doesn't seem to happen much on land). Limbo was spotted by a couple whose boat was rafted alongside us in Weymouth last year, and we joined them and their friends for drinks. I love the fact that cruising, even in the Solent, can give rise to an instant connection with people you'd never otherwise meet.