Monday, 22 October 2012

A Coruna to Cascais

Our blog has us still in A Coruna, yet here we are are in Porto Santo...I can only explain that there are plenty of other things to do! 

We left A Coruna with little wind, what there was filling in from the west, so it was more motor-sailing for us.  It was another fine day, and we were thrilled to have (at least) nine dolphins playing around the bow wave within an hour or two of leaving.  They stayed for a while, rolling over as if to look up at us. We had planned an overnight passage, but on rounding the cape and heading south there was an uncomfortable chop which slowed us right down.  We didn't fancy a night of that (although there was no way of telling whether it was just a local effect) and Corme, a small fishing village with a concrete breakwater sheltering the anchorage, was just an hour or so away.  We arrived just before dark and stayed there for the night, definitely a good decision.

From Corme it was a long day's sail (okay, motor..) to Muros, where we anchored across from the white-housed town.  It was a pleasant place to wander around for a day or two, with old buildings spreading up the hill, but there wasn't too much to detain us.