Thursday, 9 August 2012

Follow us!

We've been a bit quiet recently, but the inactivity on the blog has been a result of a slightly alarming level of activity in real's probably a good thing that the stress of the transition phase wasn't easy to imagine beforehand, or we might never have chosen to go through it!

It feels as if we've spent countless days ferrying our belongings between various locations while trying to get Limbo into a reasonable state of readiness.  Our original deadline was the end of the lease on our flat last week, so we're very grateful to good friends who are putting us up at their house in Winchester, where - not surrounded by boxes - we've been able to feel a bit calmer.

The good news is that our piles of gear look as if they will fit on Limbo (just), and that things are looking very promising for a weekend departure from Southampton, just in time to enjoy dodging the Cowes Week racing fleets on our way westwards.  And the sun has come out!

You can see where we have got to at our tracking website which will show our location on a regular basis.  Watch this space!