Thursday, 19 April 2012


The more observant reader will have noticed that the photo above doesn't look very much like the Solent, even on a good day. 

Before someone cites the Trade Descriptions Act, there's a reason for this: in August we're planning to leave on an extended cruise, which will hopefully see us swap the dull grey of the Channel for the warm winds and deep blue water of the Atlantic.   

Ever since my teens I've wanted to head off in my own boat, and I bought Limbo with blue water in mind.  A year's crewing before University left me wanting to experience the sailing life again.  A mere fourteen years later, things are falling into place and it's finally becoming a plan.  We're not doing this without a certain amount of trepidation, and it would be very easy to find good reasons to put it off until 'one day' - but it's time to grab a chance.  

[Insert inspiring quote of your choice here, ideally re: regretting things you don't do/trade winds/throwing off of bowlines etc.]          

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