Monday, 28 January 2013

Crossing the Atlantic

We’re leaving for Barbados, 2010M to the west.   We’d be happy to do it in 20 days, but we’re expecting some light winds later in the week so it won’t be a record passage.
It’s nice to know we’ll have some company: Amorosa (tracking site on the links to the right!) and Tari Tari are leaving on Tuesday (and should do about the same speed) and Lochmarin is heading across a day or two later (but will overtake us quickly, being more than twice the size!). We’re hoping to keep in touch via VHF where we can.

We'll put a few updates on our tracker site as we go across:

We’re really excited to be doing this, and looking forward to a rum in three weeks or so!

Washing fruit and veg before stowing them away

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